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    In addition to a very comprehensive Help Desk built into the Admin Menu of every MemberLeap account, you can also learn more about our modules and their respective features by watching our videos. Also, members with Admin Permission have access to the Help Desk.

    NOTE: You may need to adjust the YouTube quality settings to a higher resolution to get a better quality video playback. 

    UPDATED Admin Menu, Member Menu, and My Membership

    We have updated these menus after most of the training videos below were recorded; however, the funcationality of our software remains unchanged. 

    Admin Menu

    • Help Desk/Customer Service Ticket System

    Member Management

    • Member Database
    • Custom and Dynamic Database Fields
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 
    • Property Management (Vehicles)

    Membership Billing

    • Individual Member Billing Records
    • Creating Invoices and Sending Out Notifications
    • Invoice and Receipt Verbiage
    • Quickbooks Interface

    Website Content Management

    • Basic Overview - Grid Page Editor
    • Building Responsive Webpages
    • Custom Member Menu (Member Dashboard)
    • News Manager
    • File Archive
    • Form Builder (Overview)
    • Form Builder (Track responses back to member profile)


    • Projects/Committees (Overview)
    • Project/Committees (Add/Remove Members)


    • Broadcast Email Messages and Newsletters
    • Blog
    • Drip Marketing

    Event Registration

    • General Overview
    • Advanced Options (First Page)
    • Event Packages
    • Custom Fields
    • Virtual Events & Zoom Interface
    • Global Configuration Options
    • Invitations
    • Reminder Emails
    • Attendee Management
    • Attendance Tracking and Credit Hours
    • Surveys

    Interactive Exhibitor Booth Editor

    • Comprehensive Booth Editor Training
    • Configuration and Setup Options
    • Using the Grid Editor to Create a Booth Map

    Call For Proposals

    • Part 1 - Submitter Screens
    • Part 2 - General Settings
    • Conference Program - Part 1
    • Conference Program - Part 2

    Volunteer Management

    • Volunteer Session Set Up
    • Volunteer Module Advanced Features
    • Volunteer Sign Up


    • Reporting/Lists/Labels

    • Quick Reports
    • Custom Reports

    Online Store

    • Overview

    Online Learning

    • Certification Reminders

    More Videos

    Go to our YouTube Channel

    MemberLeap Overview

    Virtual Events & Zoom Interface

    Member Experience in Membership Portal

    Mobile-Friendly Responsive Web Design